Programmatic Display Ads

The term programmatic display and video advertising refers to advertising on websites or apps using banner ads and other ad formats made of text, images, video, and audio.

Display Advertising

Programmatic Video Advertising

Over the last few years, Programmatic Advertising has completely changed the way display advertising is managed. Instead of directly dealing with each website one by one, advertisers can now manage all their Display and Video advertising activity using an online platform, known as a Demand Side Platform. This allows the most efficient method of bidding to advertise in real time across numerous different websites using targeting criteria based on behaviours and keywords.

Programmatic Display and Video Advertising allows for more control for the advertiser and means they can control exactly who they advertise to, instead of just the website they advertise on.

Display advertising campaigns

Programmatic advertising is a process of buying media using digital automation, which provides leading edge audience targeting options and scalability in real time. Our programmatic experts will customize the best data sets to reach the right audiences. This is a harmonious combination of using technology, data and human expertise to deliver the best ROI for your advertising dollars.

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