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Creating Lookalike Audiences

Creating Lookalike Audiences

Aren’t you loving Facebook for Business? This is such a game-changer in how we operate businesses today. If in traditional strategies we only have physical stores, billboard ads, and TV commercials to capture our target audience, Facebook Ads have provided us great options to widen our reach!

Did you know that your current audiences can actually help you attract new ones? Well, this is through the wonders of Facebook Lookalike Audiences! It increases your probability of generating high-quality leads and gives more value to every ad you spend. Amazing, right?


Step 1:  From Facebook Ads Manager go to Audiences
Step 2: Click Create Audience then choose Lookalike Audience
Step 3: Choose your source audience
Step 4: Choose your target location
Step 5: Choose your desired audience size from 1% – 10% of your targeted location’s Facebook users. The percentage you choose signifies the people most similar to your selected Custom Audience.

To check if your Lookalike Audience is ready, go to Adverts Manager, click Tools, then select Audiences. If it is ready, you can now create your ad by clicking Create Advert.

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