Content Strategy: Write Localized Blogs

Content Strategy: Write Localized Blogs

Quality content plays a crucial role to boost your local SEO.


Part of your content strategy is to feature blogs that




To get started, think of “What’s Happening?”




What relevant currents events are taking place locally? What are the trending issues or activities in my locality? Is this something my products and services can address?




What do people find interesting about my products and services? What do they commonly search for? What value do they long for?


Reflect for more questions and answers. Out of these, you can generate the content you can write for your blog. Here are some of them:


FAQs – Most people would go to Frequently Asked Questions blog posts to learn briefly direct answers to their questions. It is easy and convenient. 


List Articles – Featuring “top lists” is always interesting. The comparison, reviews, and rankings can positively influence your readers. 


How-To Guides – A step-by-step guide always draws a lot of readers. If you are selling powder health supplements like mushroom powder, why not create multiple recipes where it can be used?


Local News – Integrating blogs relevant to current affairs within your community reflects your business’ concern and accountability over public matters. Your blog is a platform you can use to voice out your sound opinions from which you can create conversation starters among your readers. 


Charities & Sponsorships – Sharing your advocacy and support to charities of your choice can mobilize your readers to join you in your cause. This content shows organizational values and corporate social responsibility. 


Snippets of Podcasts or Vlogs – If you have a podcast or YouTube channel, you can entice your readers with snippets of your podcasts or vlogs. To fully learn more about your topic, invite them to listen or watch your content.


Be sure to include appropriate call-to-action. It can be an invitation to purchase, comment, suggest, support your advocacies or subscribe to your podcast or vlog channel.


Also, don’t forget to cross-post your blog links to your social media sites and if possible, through your third-party partners.


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