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Chatbot Examples: 5 of The Most Awesome Androids on The Internet

Chatbot Examples: 5 of The Most Awesome Androids on The Internet

Even though many of us aren’t familiar with the term chatbot, most of us have interacted with one.

You know those automated phone menus that can never seem to understand what you’re saying? Those, are chatbots, albeit in one of the earliest and most rudimentary forms.

You see, chatbots are AI systems that can interpret and respond to written or spoken language.

But they’re not all as annoying as that android who keeps telling you to repeat yourself.

Improvements in artificial intelligence have allowed us to create much more advanced chatbots, and many of them are highly convenient, helpful and innovative like Siri, Cortana, and Alexa.

So, without getting any more technical, let’s explore some of the best chatbot examples out there.

Chatbot Examples: 5 of The Most Awesome Androids on The Internet

They have vastly different purposes, and some are more advanced than others, but these chatbots are some of the most amazing automatons on the web.


I just stumbled upon this website the other day and was very impressed.

The idea is simple enough, but it’s one of the most innovative chatbot examples I’ve ever seen.

Heek is a conversational website builder that uses a chatbot to ask questions about the kind of website a user wants and then generates website designs based on their answers.

If you don’t like the design it provides, you can tell it to make another design until you find one you like.

Heek example 1


The chatbot will also make suggestions about things you might want to have on your site, like contact forms, menus, and other elements.

Heek example 2


Then, once you’ve answered all these questions, you can customize the design using Heek’s simple user interface, adding your own photos, editing text, or altering other aspects of the website.

And the chatbot will guide you through the whole process.

Just tell it you need help, what you need help with, or click on whatever part of the website you want to modify, and it’ll provide instructions accordingly.

Heek example 3


This has got to be one of the coolest chatbots ever and is sure to be loved by people who don’t have the technical know-how to create their own site from scratch.

From a business owner’s perspective, by investing in the development of a chatbot’s AI, they are able to scale a lot more efficiently—exponentially compared to linearly if we were to hire an additional customer service rep for every x increase in inquiries. Truly amazing!


H&M’s chatbot is an awesome example of how this technology can be used to increase conversions and guide customers through your sales funnel.

The bot does this by suggesting possible outfits and guiding mobile customers through H&M’s online store based on users’ responses to a series of questions.

It’ll ask things like whether you want to see men’s or women’s clothing, how you’d describe your style, and which item of clothing you want to build an outfit around.

In addition, it’ll also show the user photos of different outfits and ask them which ones they’d prefer.

H&M Chatbot example


After answering all these questions and creating an outfit, the bot will show the total price of the items, and offer the option to select another outfit, save the outfit, share the outfit on social media, or be taken to a page where the user can purchase the item(s).

This chatbot is sure to be just as popular with fashionistas as it is with those who are completely clueless when it comes to fashion.


Though this chatbot doesn’t appear to have a name, the name of the company that created it describes it perfectly.

Endurance is a Russian technology company that has created a chatbot to be used as a virtual companion for seniors and people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

The chatbot can converse with users on several topics, including hobbies, movies, music, nature, news, and weather, and can also ask questions and react to users’ answers.

Endurance chatbot example


Since people with Alzheimer’s tend to have issues with memory loss, one of the goals of the chatbot is to pick up on conversational indications that the user’s memory is deteriorating.

And because the chatbot is cloud-based, doctors and family members can evaluate the bot’s communication logs and use this information to assess whether the person’s condition is getting worse.

This bot shows the benevolent side of artificial intelligence and has the potential to offer researchers and caregivers a wealth of insights into how Alzheimer’s affects the mind.

Insomnobot 3000

I’m sure many of you have heard of Casper, a company that specializes in sleep products, such as bed frames, mattresses, and pillows.

But most of you probably haven’t heard of one of Casper’s more bizarre creations, the Insomnobot 3000.

Casper’s chatbot is designed to help people who suffer from insomnia by giving them the comfort of conversation when their human companions are sound asleep.

Insomnobot example 2


Insomnobot’s website asks visitors to text its toll-free number, and warns users that the bot may ignore them during the day, and is more responsive between the hours of 11 p.m. to 5 a.m.

And if Insomnobot doesn’t respond to users during the day, then it will text them back at night to check if they’re still up.

Insomnobot example 3


It’s not a particularly advanced bot, and it doesn’t provide the most insightful responses, but it does offer an example of the seemingly endless applications for chatbots.

Insomnobot example 4


It also offers the perfect solution for insomniacs looking to get better sleep and does so shamelessly! Not a bad investment for Casper based on the sales the bot actually got for them huh?


The MedWhat chatbot seems like it could be very useful for both consumers and medical professionals, but it’s also likely to become the go-to app for hypochondriacs as well. For those of you who are not familiar with that term, a hypochondriac is someone who is abnormally anxious about their health. This chatbot is like a virtual doctor—the WebMD in the form of a chatbot.

MedWhat example


There’s a free version of the app that simply provides consumers with general answers to health questions and a more advanced version that’s meant for doctors, nurses, and hospitals.

MedWhat’s website describes it as a virtual assistant powered by an “intelligent super-computer” that provides instant answers to health and medical questions.

The site’s About Us page discusses how the company is building “algorithmic architecture” with the goal of achieving human-level medical knowledge and says that its chatbot can help practitioners to make fewer errors, improve patient outcomes and prevent mistakes that can lead to wrongful deaths.

This is one of the most advanced chatbots I’ve seen, and it seems likely that this kind of technology will one day be widely used in the healthcare field.

A chatbot that is done right can really optimize the workflow within your organization.

If you would like to learn more about chatbots and how they can help improve your business, take a look at my article last week on What Is A Chatbot? How Advancements In AI Can Benefit Your Business.

Have you seen any amazing chatbots that should be on this list? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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