Sanremo Bakery

Sanremo Bakery has been in business since 1969 and has always been family run, spanning two generations. Their mission is to use the finest ingredients and traditional methods to offer a diverse selection of Italian breads, fine foods and desserts.

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Create Positive ROI on Donuts and Seasonal Items

  • These two product categories are loss-leaders with negative ROI
  • These products are very popular among regular clientele, so they must continue to offer them
  • There can be no reduction in the quality of the products

Sanremo Bakery - The Best Media


Implement Custom E-commerce Solution

Sanremo Bakery - The Best Media


  • Increased sales in both product categories
  • 500+ New Online Clients in the 1st Month
  • 58% Reduction in Costs
  • Automatic Custom Daily Reports to maximize efficiency (previously completed manually by employees)


TheBestMedia built and manage the e-commerce portion of our business.  They have been instrumental in customizing a solution to our needs.  Their solution has provided us a new stream of revenue for our business.  They continue to manage the digital aspects of our business and are very accommodating and flexible to meet our ongoing demands. Great company to work with.

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