Building Links By Guest Posting? Why You Should Approach With Caution

Building Links By Guest Posting?  Why You Should Approach With Caution

We’ve all done it at some point – dropping our links through a guest posting on a website we’ve visited.

It’s a legit, effective way to reach a community and create exposure for your business or website. But, the question is, if you do this too frequently, will Google see this as spamming? And will it affect your website’s SEO?


Generally, Google doesn’t frown on guest posts or guest blogging. However, there’s been an increase in spammy links (usually from low-quality websites) stuffed into these kinds of posts. This prompted a stern warning from Google, informing site owners about the dangers of publishing content on other sites for the sole purpose of building inbound links.

Doing so on a large scale is strictly prohibited by Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

If the posts are informative, relevant, educational, and not spammy in nature, then Google is okay with it, and this should not negatively affect your SEO. A post or two per day is fine. But, hundreds of posts per day, every day, is not natural and will be identified as spammy.

If a user is guest posting to your site, you could also be affected. Publishing posts or articles with spammy links will result in your web page being flagged as a low-quality site, and will drastically affect your search rankings. Site owners should be vigilant about managing their guest posts, and refuse any links that appear questionable. Things to look for would be over-stuffing of keywords, duplicate content, irrelevant content, and poorly written articles with bad grammar.

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