How to Build Brand Trust with Video Marketing

How to Build Brand Trust with Video Marketing

The rise of video marketing is here, as more companies explore reaching new customers with video messaging. Video Marketing provides a great opportunity for marketers to illustrate the personality of their brand while educating consumers on products or services. As more social media platforms incorporate real-time video options, you can count on less traditional methods of marketing and more animated videos and GIFs.



Try these 3 video options to help you get started:

1. Company Story Video
Company story videos show the culture of the business, give perspective and provide existing clients, employees and shareholders the opportunity to learn more about the business and the individuals behind its success.

2. Client Testimonials
Testimonial videos act as the ambassador for your business and are an influential selling factor. Use client testimonials to communicate how others have benefited from your product or service, strengthen brand reputation and encourage potential customers to choose you.

3. Product/Service Video
This is where you showcase the “meat and potatoes” of the business. The most effective videos not only display what the product or service is, but they also demonstrate a larger vision of how it can provide a solution to the consumer’s problem or add value to their business.


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