Are You Using too Many H1 Tags on Your Site for SEO Purposes?

Are You Using too Many H1 Tags on Your Site for SEO Purposes?

How many H1 tags should you use on your site?

This question has been asked many times over by webmasters and designers. For SEO reasons, it’s something that you should be aware of. H1 tags are extremely important, as they are a ranking signal and they provide information to search engines as to what a page’s content is about. Although they do not hold as strong of a signal as they once did in the past, it’s still an important aspect of search engine optimization.


In the past, the golden rule for H1 tags was each individual page on a site should have only one H1 level heading and it should be used for the title only. Having more than one set of H1 tags sends a less clear message to both the search engines and users. This rule was followed to help search engines better understand the content and subject matter of each page, and improve search engine accuracy (which in turn, improved search rankings for well-designed websites).

But, since the introduction of HTML5, that rule no longer exists.

If you are using HTML5, which was introduced back in 2014, not only are you able to have multiple H1 level headings per web page, but it’s actually recommended.  The best thing to do in all cases is carefully consider the content at hand, and determine the best way to section and label it based on the HTML5 document outlining algorithm.

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