Does Using WordPress Provide SEO Benefits?

Does Using WordPress Provide SEO Benefits?

WordPress is one of the most commonly used tools for building websites today.

Its easy-to-use interface has made it a popular choice for many, particularly smaller businesses and independents who maintain their own sites. The technology and interface is simple, which makes it easy to learn and use if you’re a novice. With WordPress, websites can be managed from anywhere, and on any computer. There is no HTML editing needed, and no FTP software is required. Making blog posts, creating pages, and uploading images is simple and fast.


Can such a simple tool be good for optimizing your site to get you higher rankings? Absolutely. WordPress is widely acknowledged as a very SEO-friendly content management system to which Google responds quite well. The code behind WordPress is very clean and simple and this makes it easy for search engines to read and index these sites.

Here are some more reasons why WordPress is great for SEO:

URLs are Customizable
URLs are super important when it comes to ranking. The fact that WordPress allows you to customize your permalinks to include any keywords you want, is very beneficial to SEO. However, it’s recommended that once you have created these permalink URLs and they have been up for several months, you do not go back and change them, so keep this in mind.

Images and Posts can be Optimized
Images are often overlooked in terms of SEO. With WordPress, you can include your targeted keywords with your images. WordPress allows you to add titles to your pictures and include alt text and meta tags. This is another plus when it comes to search engine optimization.

Automatic Pings
For every new post or edit that you make, WordPress’s built-in function will inform search engines (with a “ping”) that your website has been updated and is ready to be indexed again. Getting indexed frequently and quickly is what you want!

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