Be part of the new digital gold rush.

The Age of Mobile

70% of web traffic now is now mobile, with websites and ecommerce businesses reporting a steady decrease in desktop traffic. Sales are also increasingly captured by mobile devices, as the user experience throughout our browsing and purchasing process has become the focus of development. There’s no doubt - apps are here to stay and are growth engines. Will you be an early adopter to take advantage and boost your revenue 25-30%?

Conversion-focused apps

We build apps with a clearly defined purpose for your business. Our apps are conversion-driven, funnel-centric and data-supported. This makes it easy for your users to find what they’re looking for and buy. Because we design around a satisfying user experience and on a data-based, agile development cycle, we make sure that your customers have a real, comfortable option to purchase what you have to offer. Right from their mobile.

UX/UI Design

Apps are used on a mobile device in the palm of our hands, so user experience (UX) is everything. Load times must be fractions of seconds, there should be a night mode, and every step should be taken to improve the feel of the app. As a part of UX, the user interface (UI) will make or break your app experience. We keep our apps streamlined, with few buttons and minimal content - to focus on what the app does, not boring text.

A process you can trust

  1. Strategy & Wireframe

    Strategy & Wireframe First, we draw up your app on the whiteboard and strategize the content and functionalities you envision.

  2. Design

    Design We design your app in photoshop in close communication with you to make sure that it looks exactly as stunning as you.

  3. Development

    Development After you’ve given the green light on design, we code the app, add animations, and polish everything until it feels rock solid and light at the same time.

  4. Launch

    Launch This is where you pop the Dom Perignon.

  5. Analytics and Maintenance

    Analytics and Maintenance Should your business experience strong growth, chances are you’ll want to make additions to your app functionality or have us on call. We’re here for you.