An In-Depth Look Into Ranking Factors

An In-Depth Look Into Ranking Factors

How do you beat the highly competitive spot in the search engine results page?


You may be thinking that paid ads or PPC would be the best solution since it places you on top of the result.


Well, actually, paying for the ads is just one step. Your ad copy’s content and context still matter to drive the right audience to your website. 


You may be thinking that producing unending content would be the key. Yes, it may be, but you don’t just create content. You have to create strategic content and do the creative work of link building to generate activities into your webpages.


Generating great localized content would definitely drive traffic to your website. However, you should know how to establish your game plan.

Remember Google ranks local searches based on 3 main factors: Relevance, Distance, and Prominence.


The local search result in Google will give online users the top 3 results based on GMB listings or the so-called Local Pack followed by the Organic Search results.

Every year, MOZ surveys the top local SEO performers according to 8 ranking factors and publishes the report on their site.

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Based on their  2018 Local Search Ranking Factors Report, I will briefly explain how you can excel in each of the Local Pack Ranking Factors for a successful optimization!




Build your Google My Business profile with complete and relevant information about your business. Make sure your business profile description is direct and brief; your NAP, business hours, and pinned location map are updated; and your website link is functional. Generating active reviews and replies will improve your rankings.



Establish an active and strong link building. Increase your inbound link authority through relevant sites especially locally relevant domains. Produce more high-quality content in your blogs, articles, guest posts, and etc. to gain more quality backlinks. Link diversity is also accounted for as you gain backlinks from diverse resources. 



Create on-page content on your GMB page and the website must have the right keywords and high relevance. Consider your GMB page, your website’s page title, header tags, meta-description, local content, and NAP footer. Account the appropriate content length for each too.



This refers to how frequent your NAP is mentioned in various reviews, social media platforms, and other websites. To rank higher, always monitor citation’s consistency, authority, and local relevance across platforms.



Bright Local mentioned that 82% of local consumers read online reviews. This greatly affects your ranking in the local search. So, to improve, make it a habit to ask your customers to “Write A Review”. Consider reviews as your ticket to becoming the people’s choice!  



Monitor how people interact with your website through Google Search Console. This tool will help you observe the click-through-rate, bounce rate, time on page, mobile clicks-to-call, and directions to business clicks. Evaluating how your web page or campaign through behavioral signals will give you some ideas on what to improve or continue in your content and approach. 



Aside from “Near Me” searches you need to consider other evolving strategies. The overwhelming number of mobile users demand mobile-apps or mobile-friendly websites. According to Google, 20% of mobile queries are voice searches. Voice-activated search has been growing and is becoming more preferred than text searches in local settings.



With social media sites, it is easy to go viral with your posts or reach your local community through paid ads. Consider tracking the number of your followers, brand mentions, shares, or retweets; the number of customer or partner reviews on your social media sites, your business profile, NAP information, and the age of your Facebook page.  


To wrap it up in one word, these Local Search Ranking Factors boils down to the FUNCTIONALITY of your landing pages, social media pages, and contents. The right purpose is served when things are functioning right! This means High Traffic, High Conversions!


It may be too tedious to go analyze each ranking factor for your website. Good news! You can access your FREE Consultation today!

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