Advertising and Media Buying

Media buying has been the backbone of marketing and advertising since before the internet.

Advertising and Media Buying

Did you know?

  • PPC traffic converts 50% higher than organic traffic.
  • 65% of customers click on ads when purchasing.
  • Businesses receive an average of 200% ROI for Paid Advertising.

Relevance is what makes Google the leading search engine. Their algorithms look at the content in your ad, keywords targeted, users targeted & the relevance of the content on the page you’re directing them to. It’s important to know that paying for search is not just about spending money on keywords, but rather, providing users with the relevant links and content that will provide the results they entered into the search. Ideally, within their first one or two clicks, users want to find what they’re looking for.

Providing you with a Paid Search service is only one piece of the puzzle. Let us build a solution with relevance and purpose. Only then can we get you the performance you’re looking for.

The Discovery Will Dictate the Strategy

Our process at The Best Media is to develop a strategy to understand your business, the challenges you have and the obstacles you face, so we can create compelling content and targeted advertising. This is achieved in our discovery phase. Discovery doesn’t just ask you what you think, but goes more in-depth to understand the underlying reasons why you’re experiencing these challenges. With Paid Search, isolating the core challenges of your business will ensure your media budget is responsibly spent targeting your audience.