7 Powerful SEO Tips To Boost Traffic In 2019

7 Powerful SEO Tips To Boost Traffic In 2019

With so many competing websites, boosting your traffic by ranking on the first page seems like an impossible task.

The good news is that it is 100% possible to outrank your competitors and steal their traffic.

As an expert Toronto SEO company, The Best Media has a solid experience in providing SEO services that can help your business reach that sweet spot on the first page.

Check out our top 7 SEO strategies below.

1. Create Relevant Content

Think back to the glorious analog days of having to borrow books at the library to complete an assignment.

Would you settle for just any book on the subject?

Of course not.

Your choice would depend on the book’s depth of knowledge on the subject, and clarity of delivery.

In other words, you would only settle for a book that accurately and effectively satisfies your pursuit of filling a particular knowledge gap.

The internet is no different – content that effectively satisfies the intent of the searcher will always win.

Gauging the intent of the searcher depends on your chosen keywords (keep reading – our 5th point has even more information on keyword research).

Understanding the intent of the searcher will also help you decide how long your content needs to be.

For example, someone searching for the phrase “convert USD to GBP” is searching for a simple currency conversion page rather than an in-depth article about the history of currency conversion.

Compare this to someone looking for the phrase “how to toilet train my puppy”: this person is searching for an in-depth tutorial on toilet training puppies – so, a long worded article that includes step by step guides will outrank shorter, less informative articles.

It is imperative that you aim to effectively fill the knowledge gap of your prospective readers.

If that is your primary intention, the resulting length of your content will be relative to that.

Interestingly, there is a link between achieved back-links, social shares, and longer content:

Figure 1 – Image Credit: Neil Patel

Figure 2 – Image Credit: Neil Patel

Let’s say you understand the searcher intent related to your chosen keywords.

How do you then craft a piece of content worthy of praise in the internet arena?

Brian Dean presents a very powerful method of content creation, called the skyscraper technique.

The process is simple:

Find articles written by competitors within the same niche and then write something MUCH better!

How do you make it better?

  • More relevant information – go as deep is necessary 
  • Provide readers with more value (give stuff away, link to free tools, etc).

Once you have finished crafting your masterpiece, you can then easily achieve authoritative links to it, because your content is actually ‘link-worthy’.

2. Write An Irresistible Title

A high click-through rate, coupled with high dwell time on your web page, will give your website a double thumbs up from Google.

But before you work on dwell time (the time a visitor spends on your web page), you have to first ensure they actually click on your site on the search engine result page!

One way to entice searchers to click is by writing an irresistibly delicious title.

If we wrote a blog to announce a free cookie giveaway day, aiming for the search term “free cookie day”, our title would look something like this:

Free cookie day? Yep, it really is a thing. Get one at your local Toronto SEO company.

We wouldn’t have the human capabilities to bake enough cookies to satisfy that click-through rate!

Here is another example (to get your mind off cookies):

Figure 3 – Image: The title is located at the top of the Google search result snippet, whereas the meta description is the preview of your web page content beneath it

State The Benefit

How will your visitors benefit from visiting your web page?

Your title should clearly communicate the benefit you are offering potential visitors.

In the above example, is offering potential visitors 10 effective exercises to build stronger triceps

Intrigue Searchers

Another strategy is to entice searchers by triggering their curiosity.

Here is a great example:

The Science Of Simplicity: Why Successful People Wear The Same Thing Every Day 

Intriguing right?

Resist the urge to click the link and read on!

Important: if you choose the curiosity trigger strategy, make sure your content is still satisfying the searcher’s intent (yes, I know we keep repeating the same message, but it is oh so important to grasp and the secret to our successful SEO services in Canada).

Use Numbers In Headlines

The numbers in the headlines are very effective.

They make your headline (and corresponding content) look data-driven and also differentiate your title from the other strictly alphabetic results.

Conductor conducted a study to measure the effectiveness of different headline types.

Numbered headlines triggered the highest click-through rates:

Figure 4 – Image Source: Conductor

Use Power Words

Power words are words that inflate your headlines and make them irresistible to click on.

Here an example:

Stop being a slave to anxiety!  Dominate and destroy it!

For a meaty list of categorized power words to choose from, click here

3. Nail The Meta Description.

The meta description consists of about 150 characters that summarize the content of your web page.

Effective meta descriptions are those that sympathize with searcher’s pain points which, in turn, makes your offered solution more trustworthy.

For example:

If you are a swim school, your meta description could be:

No more fear of drowning. Learn to swim with our expert instructors – our classes are fun and you’ll be swimming much sooner than you think. Kids and adult classes available.

Notice how this meta description begins with the following possible searcher pain points:

  • fear of drowning
  • the hesitation to learn since it might take a while before you learn

4. Increase Dwell Time

The longer a searcher stays on your web page, the more satisfied they seem with your content in Google’s eyes.

The primary method is one we have already mentioned – high-quality content that satisfies searcher intent.

Another method (and one that is overlooked by most webmasters) is optimizing for user experience.

Our Toronto SEO experts recommend starting by optimizing your web design for great user experience.

Once web design is optimized, further UX driven SEO service involves focusing on the actual layout of worded content.

  • Ensure your content is broken down into bite-size chunks  (Keep the paragraphs 3 – 4 sentences in length).
  • Use subheadings to break down the information.
  • Use bullet points to list information.
  • Break methods down into steps

5. Optimize For Semantic SEO

In order to supercharge your SEO efforts, it is important to target the entire subject rather than just your primary keywords.

To achieve this, you need to follow a semantic SEO strategy.

What that essentially means is the inclusion of search phrases related to your primary keyword.

Type your main keyword in the search bar of this free tool and save all the related phrases populated in the results.  

See the example below:

Figure 5: This tool populates 127 keywords related to the primary search query! That’s a whole lot to choose from!

After you have populated your list, naturally include them in your written content.

The result?

Your article is now likely to rank for related keywords, as well as your chosen primary keywords – which means many more monthly visitors!

Hot tip from Best Media – Your local Toronto Seo Company:

Though Google does not directly state the number of times your keyword should be included in your blog (keyword density), we recommend sticking to a density of 1 – 2%.

We have found this benchmark yields the best results with our SEO services.

Your keyword density can be calculated using the following formula:

(Number of keywords/ Total number of words) * 100

Keep in mind that this number is a guideline and you should treat it as such to avoid keyword stuffing.

6. Optimize for voice search

Voice searching is growing in popularity but, sadly, many websites do not optimize their content for this emerging trend.

When users choose voice search, they are typically asking a question, so it is imperative to optimize your content to possible voice search queries.

How do you optimize for voice search?

You achieve this by incorporating the voice search query directly followed by its answer within your content.

First, you need to find the commonly searched questions related to your topic.

So, for example, if you are writing a blog about puppy toilet training, you would type the following query into Google:

“How to stop dog urinating”

Before you press enter, Google will auto-populate some common questions associated with that search query.

You would then choose one or two (don’t overdo it) of those questions, and incorporate them into your post, directly followed by the answer.

This method could also help your web page get featured in the featured snippet at the very top of the Google results page!

To be featured in the snippet is the holy grail of any SEO Service. Our Toronto SEO company strives to provide the best SEO services to Canada by pursuing dominant search engine results.

7.   High-Quality Back-links

The very mention of ‘back-links’ pains almost every blogger we know, but it is imperative to any successful SEO service.

In fact, if you have followed the content creation principles outlined by our Toronto SEO experts in point 1 of this post, you have already won half the battle because you’ve created ‘link-worthy’ content!

The next step is then to find websites within your niche that are currently linking to similar content and persuade them to link to your, much better, content instead.

Brian Dean effectively breaks down this process.

The summary of it is as follows:

  1.   Find a competitor’s article you have successfully overshadowed with your superior content
  2.   Paste the URL to their article in a tool such as to find all the domains linking to their article
  3.   Compile a list of domains and sort by domain authority (the higher domain authority sites you should target first)
  4.   Email the webmasters of each the domains to let them know that you have written something better they may want to link to.

Yes, tedious as it seems, this is a very effective approach since you are offering VALUE and not simply asking for a sympathy link to a pathetic article.

Final Thoughts

In the competitive world of search engine optimization, following powerful strategies, coupled with unprecedented dedication to high-quality content, will solidify your well-earned position on the #1 search result page of Google.

Now go forth.

Follow our 7 SEO tips.

Win the internet.

If you prefer the peace of mind of having a Toronto SEO expert work alongside you, contact the friendly team at The Best Media today – your local Toronto SEO Company dedicated to helping you outrank your competitors by using our superior SEO services.

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