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7 Landing Page Hacks to Double Your Sales

7 Landing Page Hacks to Double Your Sales

Whether you are selling a product, collecting email addresses or offering free software trials, optimizing your landing page to maximize website conversions should always be the number one priority.

Think of a landing page as your sales pitch – you’ve only got one chance and just a few short minutes (or even seconds) to convince a visitor to take your desired course of action.

Like all great sales pitches, there are several key strategies you can implement to convince visitors to forsake all their reservations and accept your offering.

We have made a list of 7 incredibly effective landing page hacks that could double your website conversions and sales in 2019.

1) Neat and Simple Landing Page Optimization

An optimized landing page design transitions an individual from a visitor to a conversion in as little amount of time as possible.

This transition needs to be smooth, seamless, and a free of any unnecessary distractions.

A common cause of distraction is messy content layout.

The content on your landing page should be enjoyable to read and simple to comprehend.

Aim to write the content the way you would say it.

Writing the way you would speak helps keep the sentences light and your message crystal clear.

Break up messy blocks of text by sticking to 2 – 3 sentence paragraphs, and provide illustrations to help visitors quickly absorb the presented information

Another possible distraction is having too many links on your page,

Too many of those will give your visitors the option of clicking away from your landing page, disrupting the delicate physiological build up leading to a landing page conversion.

Having too many links could also make your call to action difficult to identify.

Not including a navigation bar and a footer on your landing page will make your CTA easy to identify and leave your visitors with only one possible course of action – completing the conversion process.

Here is an example:


Figure 1 –

Note how the absence of a navigation bar and clean minimalistic layout adds prominence to the clear call to action at the centre of the page.

Here is another example:

Figure 2 –

Note the neat 2-3 sentence paragraphs and how the illustrations provide visual variety to the content.

The clear and simple call to action is also readily identifiable and evidence of an effective website conversion strategy.

2) Strategic Content Placement = Landing Page Conversions

This powerful landing page hack is not included in most conventional landing page optimization tutorials.

If your product or offering is simple to understand, place your desired call to action at the top of the page (as in Figure 1 and 2).

If, however your offering is complex, such as software, you will need to take the time to first convince visitors of all of its benefits before displaying your call to action further down the page.

For long form content, place the most convincing portion of your landing page in the area visitors focus their attention for the longest period of time.

Where is that?

Around 1200 pixels from the top.

This portion of the landing page is viewed nearly 3 times longer than the top of the page!

Figure 3 –

The most convincing message you can convey on your landing page is how your offering addresses your visitor’s key pain points.

This section of the landing page should contain that message.

If you are not sure what to write, ask your existing customers about some of the pain points you helped them to deal with – they might reveal some powerful insights you had not thought of.

After reviewing this section, your visitors might decide that they could benefit from your offering but still require some extra persuasion.

This is a pinnacle of your visitor’s conversion journey. The content that directly follows should, therefore, be the powerful knockout punch that tips their indecisiveness and creates a website conversion.

What could that be?


3)  Customer Testimonials Can Alter a Stubborn Mindset

Testimonials are a must-have element of any effective landing page optimization strategy; they provide visitors with reasons to trust your brand or product.

They also put your visitor’s mind at ease by showing that they will not be the first ones to try the product – it has already been field-tested by others and applauded for its capabilities.

Testimonials also make visitors crave the success others are experiencing from the product.

Think about it – if your work colleague purchased a new smart-watch that doubled their productivity and helped them finish a day’s work by noon, wouldn’t you want in on that?

Of course you would – just imagine the things you could achieve if you also finished your work by noon!

When asking customers for testimonials, ask them to emphasize the success they are experiencing as result of your solution.

A convincing testimonial is, sometimes, all it takes to achieve a landing page conversion.

4) Create a Sense of Urgency

No, we don’t mean cause panic, but rather employ a landing page hack that makes visitors feel like they MUST convert before it’s too late!

How do you achieve that? You need to effectively convey the following messages to your visitors:

1. The product/service is very important for them to have.

2. It’s only available for a limited time.

If you follow steps 2 and 3 of this post, you should successfully convince your visitors of their need of your product.

But you can add some extra spice to your message by also using high duress colors and large numbers to emphasize importance.

Let’s start with the numbers.

Compare the following two sentences:

“We have helped over one thousand people achieve financial independence”


“We have helped over 1000 people achieve financial independence”

 Which sentence stands out to you?

The second one, of course.

Not only do numbers break up the monotony of letters and make the sentence stand out, but large numbers (4+ digits) add extra impact to your statements of success.

If you display such sentences alongside high duress colors (red or orange), you can add even MORE emphasis to the importance your message.

You can either circle sections of your sentence with these high duress colors or overlay high duress colors with your impactful sentence.

So large numbers and high duress colours make statements seem very important, but what about adding a sense of urgency?

This can easily be achieved by conveying the message that your product or service has limited availability.

Use words like “limited”, “too late”,“now”, and  “soon”.

To maximize landing page conversions, aim to combine a sense of importance WITH a sense of urgency.

Here are some examples of all the strategies above being used together:

Figure 4 –

Figure 5 –

Figure 6 –

5) Discounts Win Website Conversions

Optimize your landing page with a tasty discount. Discounts are difficult to resist, especially if they are only available for a limited time!

Add emphasis to the amazing value for money your visitors will receive by listing everything included for your discounted price.

Separate the items of your list with the word “and” rather than commas – it will make it seem more exhaustive.

Here is an example:

“You will receive:

20 hours of consultation every week


Access to our library of over 1000 video tutorials


Our secret blueprint to making 7 figures in your first year


FREE training to get you started

All for only $79!”

When deciding on a final discounted price, a powerful landing page hack is to settle on an odd number.

Odd numbers stand out to us because they create a sort of misalignment that cannot be ignored.

Odd numbered pricing also make discounts seem more substantial than they really are.

For example compare the following pricing:




The $79 price tag seems a lot more appealing, right?

This happens because not only because it’s an odd number but also because it drops the first digit down to a ‘7’

Your website conversion metrics and resulting revenue will thank you for this landing page hack!

6) Use Arrows to Highlight Your Call To Action

Arrows are an effective landing page optimization trick because they can add extra emphasis to the actions you would like your visitors to take.

Everyone looks in the direction you point at – just try standing in the middle of a busy subway platform and then suddenly pointing up.

Here is an example with all the pointing elements circled:

Figure 7 –

7) Exit Pop Ups Catch Slippery Landing Page Conversions

Exit pop ups are a great landing page optimization tool that give you one final chance to achieve a landing page conversion.

 Exit intent technology detects when a user navigates their mouse over to exit the browser and then immediately displays a message before the action is taken.

There are various reasons why a user might decide to click out of your landing page:

–          Your offering doesn’t meet their requirements

–          They don’t perceive the value they will receive with your set pricing

–          They just don’t trust you.

All of these doubts can be quelled with just a little more convincing.

But if a visitor has decided to leave, how can you persuade them to give you a second chance at selling to them?

Offer them something FREE in the exit pop up.

In exchange to receiving this gift, you can ask for their name and email and add them to a mailing list – you will then have multiple chances to re-sell to them via email.

Here is a SUPER effective landing page hack to energize your exit pop-ups:

Instead of giving the visitor two options – to either click “yes” and accept your exit offer, or click “no” and leave, play on their unquenchable yearning for more success.

Every business owner craves more customers, more sales, and more money rolling in.

Offer a FREE solution in your exit pop-up that tempts the visitor.

Here are some examples:

Figure 8 –

Nobody would agree that their business is perfect and every business owner could do with some marketing assistance (especially if it’s free) – so there really is only one option to choose from.

Figure 9 –

Everyone could do with more leads. It almost feels like a sin to click on the second button!

Some landing pages actually generate more website conversions from their exit pop-ups than from the actual landing page content!

To summarize, optimizing your landing page correctly is the key to achieving the website conversion stats of your dreams.

It took a lot of work to actually get visitors to view your landing page – don’t let it go to waste!

Get the most out of each visitor and maximize conversions by following our landing page optimization hacks.


Have these hacks worked for you? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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