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7 C’s To Building A Winning Team

7 C’s  To Building A Winning Team

Success is a destination a lot of us want to reach. Achieving success as a company is not a journey made for lone rangers. It takes a winning team to get there. 

Every staff member in a company is a success-contributor. So, as part of the leadership at The Best Media, we empower our team to become the best versions of themselves. We coach and mentor them as they continue to focus on their duties and responsibilities.

Allow me to share with you one of our team meetings with my friend and CEO, David Marcantonio. Here, he presented our secret… the 7 C’s TO BUILDING A WINNING TEAM.

Watch the video below.


1. Consistency 

It is not enough to do things well once, twice or a few times. We should do well continuously. Being consistent goes beyond your developed habit. It shows the level of your motivation and determination in pursuing success. 

2. Coaching 

Always wear the learner’s hat and learn from someone that has already done it. Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking both had coaches and mentors, so clearly we should all have them as well. Find ways to educate yourself to gain new knowledge or skill.  Never stop learning! Why? When we stop learning, we stop growing. What is not growing starts dying. The road to success requires receptiveness because it offers a lot of learning experiences. 

3. Contagious Energy 

Have a positive environment. Be around energetic people who contagiously influence that way you feel and think. If you are positive, you’ll see every challenge you encounter has a silver lining. 

4. Commitment

Alongside with Consistency is Commitment. In tough times, commitment pushes you to show up, do the work, and finish it with excellence. It’s your tireless dedication to complete what you started.


5. Character

Build your character and embrace values that you can stick with it. Your attitude matters most in the way you work and how you want to succeed.

6. Caring 

A team player naturally cares for the outcome of his work and the welfare of his teammates. He is not selfish and sloppy about his performance. Rather, he has self-leadership to manage his own contribution. He is accountable and even willing to help his colleagues do better as well.  

7. Communication

The quality of every relationship is determined by the quality of communication. None of us can read someone’s mind. Communication is so huge in the workplace. If we want to succeed together, we need to communicate openly so we can collaborate well. Healthy communication breeds teamwork.

There are many ways to build a winning team. For us, at The Best Media, we’re resolved to stick with these 7C’s. There’s no easy road to success.  We have learned through hard work and painful mistakes to get to where we are today. We still keep on learning not only from business mentors but also from every staff who contributes to the company’s success!

How about you? How are you building your winning team?  



Rob Pacinelli

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