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4 Tips to get the Best SEO Results in 2018

4 Tips to get the Best SEO Results in 2018 - The Best Media

So, what is SEO? Search Engine Optimization incorporates a number of different methods to enhance content by boosting websites’ rankings on search engines. This means marketers have to think like consumers because search engine algorithms rank every website based on its relevance to searches.

As a marketer, your job is to incorporate keywords, phrases or commonly searched questions into online content to attract users and ensure your website is highly ranked and visible.


Here’s how to improve your SEO Strategy in 2018:

Audit Your Website

Use website audit to get a FREE analysis of the visibility of your site on search engines. View page errors, page performance, traffic and site speed to make improvements in the areas you need most.

Update Keywords and Content

Beef up your SEO by updating content and keywords on your website. Ensure readers receive accurate and relevant information by updating blog posts and internal links throughout your website.

Name Images and Videos 

As you update keywords and content, make sure that all images and videos have unique titles related to their content, in order to improve your online visibility by creating more opportunities to be seen on Google searches.


Google loves content that’s broken down by creating lists of bullet points, adding visuals, videos and different font sizes and styles to break up the text.


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