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3 Ways to Use Instagram to Improve Your Social Media Marketing

3 Ways to Use Instagram to Improve Your Social Media Marketing

Since its inception, Instagram has captivated social network users, coming second only to Facebook on the list of the most popular social media apps. Instagram now offers more capabilities for business owners to showcase their expertise, culture, and mission, and here’s how you can too!



1) Integrate Instagram Stories
Instagram Stories are a spontaneous and personalized way to showcase who you are as a company while introducing yourself to the people supporting your products and services. Use Instagram Stories to further promotion with influencers, share promo codes, sneak peaks at new products or services, how-tos and marketing videos.

2) Take Advantage of Hashtags
Instagram has continued to increase technological advances with a #Hashtag feature. This feature generates popular hashtags based on a selected keyword and also groups hashtags, allowing the user to see the hashtags trending or related activity. As a result, you can count on more brands joining the platform. Keep your competitive advantage by adding hashtags to old posts by easily clicking the edit button above your photo or video.

3) Add Your Favourites to the Instagram Highlights Album
The Instagram Highlights feature enables you to combine multiple Instagram Stories into an easily accessible toolbar displayed above your Instagram feed. You can use Instagram Highlights to:
• Group content
• Promote products and services
• Direct traffic to your website
• Reposition old posts


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