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3 Reasons Why You Need to be Using Google Ads Campaigns

3 Reasons Why You Need to be Using Google Ads Campaigns

Before I start vomiting jargon and marketing lingo, for those of you who haven’t heard of Google Ads, or still aren’t quite sure what it is, let me break it down for you. I could spend all day explaining the intricacies and nuances of Google Ads, but in the fewest words possible, it’s simply an advertising platform based on a PPC (pay-per-click) model.

Otherwise known as paid search advertising, this means that you’re only paying when someone interacts with your ad by clicking on it (hence the term pay-per-click). When they click on it, it could send them to your website, a landing page, play a video, or prompt their cell phone to call your business, among other things.

Basically, you’re choosing keywords (words and phrases that people are searching for on Google) that you want your ad(s) to show up for, which determines what people will have to search for to be served your ad. The cost for each click and how high up on the Google search results your ad will be shown are determined by several different factors, including the demand for the keyword(s) you want to rank for, how relevant your ad is to the keyword(s), and how useful your ad is for users.

Google gets more than 160 billion searches per month, holds nearly 75 per cent of search engine market share, and approximately 70 per cent of searches are done on Google. So, it’s not hard to understand why it’s so important to have a high ranking on Google.

But ranking high on Google is a time-consuming process and business owners want to see results now – not six months down the line. So, is there a way to get instant results, as opposed to waiting for your SEO to improve? The answer is yes, and Google Ads is the solution.

3 Reasons Why You Need Google Ads Campaigns

1. The Results are Faster Than SEO

Although the benefits of ranking organically shouldn’t be discounted, it can take many months of painstaking effort, involving many different aspects, in order to boost your ranking on Google. You need high-quality content, whether it’s blogs, videos, or otherwise, and you have to obtain backlinks (other websites linking to your site in their content), just to name a couple of the things you need to do to boost your ranking. Obviously, these things take time, and it also takes time to see results.

The benefits of search engine optimization are much more permanent than PPC advertising, but they take much longer to attain. Fortunately, with Google Ads, it’s possible to rank high for certain keywords pretty much instantly, depending on the demand for those keywords and how much you’re willing to spend. Both paid search and organic SEO are important for businesses trying to gain visibility on Google, but Google Ads provides the immediate results that business owners are craving.

2. You Can Track the Performance of Your Ads

A Google Ads account linked to Google Analytics provides a vast range of different metrics for you to explore that give you insights into how your ad campaigns are performing. With traditional forms of advertising, such as print, visual media, and radio, there’s really no way of measuring the performance of your ads, unless you’re going to ask every customer how they heard about your business and trust that the information they’re giving you is accurate.

Google Ads, along with Google Analytics, allow you to look at a range of data. This includes things like the percentage of visitors that are leaving your website after only viewing one page, the average position of your ads on Google, which devices people are using when they see/click on your ads, the percentage of visitors to your website that are taking the action you wanted them to (filling out a form, purchasing a product, etc.), and many other kinds of data to help you determine the success of your ads.

3. You Have More Control

With traditional forms of advertising, you have much less control. When advertising on TV, radio, billboards and bus stops, you don’t have access to analytics that tell you how your ads are performing, nor do you have the ability to pause campaigns that are under-performing and reallocate funds from those campaigns to ones that are performing better.

PPC advertising allows you to do all these things, and also gives you control over a number of other factors, like what time(s) of day your ads will be shown, what demographics will be served your ads, and where your ads will be seen (globally, locally, within specific cities or regions, or within a certain distance from your business).

Google Ads also gives you access to many different forms of advertising, including YouTube ads, paid search, display ads, and more. In addition to this, whereas many small businesses wouldn’t have the marketing budget to run ads on TV or the radio, or buy ad space on a billboard, with Google Ads, you can buy a single ad, or spend $5 per month on ads (though this wouldn’t go very far) or $50,000. It’s completely up to you.

In case you’re still not convinced, here are some statistics that show why it’s so important to have a high ranking on Google:

According to PowerTraffick:

  • 46 per cent of the clicks on search engine results pages go to the top three paid advertising spots
  • For every $1.60 businesses spend on Google Ads, they make an average of $3 in revenue

According to WordStream:

  • 64.6 per cent of clicks on high commercial intent keywords (keywords searched by people looking to buy) are on paid search results
  • On average, the top organic listing (the highest non-paid search result) will only get 8.9 per cent of the clicks

Anxious to get started with Google Ads? Check out our paid search advertising services or contact The Best Media and we’ll give you a free demo on how a Google Ads campaign can benefit your business.

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