3 Must-Know Methods for Making Exciting Videos in ‘Boring’ Industries

3 Must-Know Methods for Making Exciting Videos in ‘Boring’ Industries

Although most people would agree that the day to day doldrums of being a plumber or a dentist are anything but exhilarating, there are an infinite number of ways to make exciting videos to promote any business, regardless of how boring it might seem. Obviously, droning on and on about soldering pipes or pulling teeth would put most people to sleep, so unless you’re a skydiving instructor or a special effects artist, you can’t just talk about what you do and expect people to be thrilled.

A couple of things to keep in mind: no matter what industry you work in, it’s probably a lot less boring than you think, and creating compelling content is possible. If you’re still racking your brain trying to come up with ideas, these techniques will get the juices flowing again:

Methods for Making Exciting Videos in ‘Boring’ Industries

1. Evoke Emotion

This is probably the most important aspect when it comes to crafting content that compels viewers. According to a study in the Journal of Marketing Research, content that induces high-arousal positive or negative emotions is more viral, while content that evokes low-arousal, deactivating emotions like sadness is less viral. In other words, content that gets people all worked up or excited about something performs better. If you’re playing it safe, as most business owners would, and trying to arouse strong positive emotions with your videos, there are some simple ways to do this.

The things you should be most concerned with are pacing and mood. When it comes to pacing, try to use music with a quicker tempo, and make quick cuts that match the beat of the music to make both the audio and the video more exciting. As for mood, a happy and energetic vibe would be best, and the lighting and colours play a big role in this aspect. If you’re trying to elicit these kinds of emotions, make sure your video is bright and uses warm colours.

2. Exude Expertise

It doesn’t matter how flashy and exciting you make your video, if it’s all glitz and cheesy marketing tactics with no substance, it won’t provide any benefit for your business. You’re looking to develop trust and familiarity with your audience. If your video makes you look like a hack, or comes across as inauthentic, it probably won’t help you get you any new customers and could do more harm than good. So, make sure you know what you’re talking about, and remember, just because you make a video doesn’t mean it’s going to translate into more leads or sales.

You have to build trust with potential clients by verbally and visually highlighting your authority, expertise and knowledge of your industry. Luckily, there are some techniques you can use to enhance these aspects. One good method for doing this is by using framing. By keeping a tighter frame around the subject of your video, it can help to make them look more authoritative and knowledgeable. A tightly-framed shot also helps keep people’s attention, so they’re more likely to be hanging on to every word.

3. Solve People’s Problems

When you’re making a video, you need to think about your target audience, and how your video is going to provide value for viewers, which will hopefully motivate them to take some sort of action. The best way to inspire your audience to act is to think about their wants, needs, problems and pain points. Your new closet organizer or drain cleaner might not seem exciting, but if your video visualizes how these products can solve problems for people, it can be galvanizing.

A survey by Wyzowl found that 84 per cent of consumers report that they were convinced to buy something after watching a brand’s video. This statistic is huge! It means that having a product video could be the deciding factor in whether people make a purchase. That same survey also found that 81 per cent of businesses said that their explainer video (a video explaining their product or service) has helped them increase sales. If your video can explain not only what your product is and what it does, but how it can help potential customers solve a problem, it will only make it more effective.

No Industry is Boring

So, remember, just because you think your industry is dull doesn’t mean everyone else will. If you use the right techniques, you can create engaging videos for any industry or product. All it takes is some knowledge of video production, dedication to providing value to viewers and enough know-how to build trust with your audience.

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