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Why Value Should Exceed Price

Why Value Should Exceed Price

There are many reasons why value should exceed price when it comes to business.  But dropping your prices should be the last thing you do to be competitive.  While your buyers may shop the lowest price, it’s value that they want. When value exceeds price, price is no longer the issue.

Value Should Exceed Price

Marketing trainer Grant Cardone, believed that staying interested in your customers and what they care about, will make them trust you more.

Valuing clients is top priority over the price you place on the services you offer.


“Value” is at the very core of The Best Media team.  We always make it our goal to be adding value to our clients and partners.  Value should exceed price, every time.

From the very beginning of our contact with a prospect, we make sure that they are fully understood.  CEO, David Marcantonio emphasized in one of our meetings that when we connect with them by introducing who we are, why we are here, and how we can help them.

We empathize with them and their business concerns. Then, we let them see what digital solutions we can bring on their table.

If in time we change our line of business, we can be assured that the relationship we established with our clients and partners will still be there.

Genuine relationships can build and sustain any business.

Rob Pacinelli

Roberto Pacinelli is the VP of The Best Media and Senior Digital Marketing Strategist with a career in digital marketing spanning over 19 years. Roberto and The Best Media have helped thousands of small, medium and large businesses succeed online across Canada, USA and the world with many business owners recognizing Roberto and his team as their Key to Success in helping their businesses earn millions of dollars as a result. Call Roberto Pacinelli at 416 253 0934 or email him at