Increase Your Web Presence With Video, and Convert Viewers Into Customers

Increase Your Web Presence With Video, and Convert Viewers Into Customers

Anyone can make a video for their business.  But will that video help you to convert those viewers to customers?

While it will likely increase your video views, it doesn’t necessarily increase your web presence or customer base.


A professionally done video will increase your web presence, get more website traffic, and convert your viewers into customers.  Read more on why this is true:

increase your web presence

The average person spends more time watching videos online, than reading text or viewing images.  People love watching because our brains process video 60,000 times faster then text.  Video accounted for 81% of all online traffic in 2019.  Having a video on your landing page can increase your conversion rate by 80%.


Types of Videos to Consider

Here are some of the different types of videos you can consider for your business:

Product Videos

Short promotional videos that show off the main benefits and features of your products and put them on your website.

How-to Videos

People are always wanting to learn something new, or figure out how to solve a problem.

Product Walk-through Videos

A good way for your customers to get familiar with a new product

Screencast Videos

A great alternative to the typical FAQ page on your website. Create videos with answers to your customers’ most common questions. It helps to establish trust and credibility.

Testimonial Videos

Have some of your best loyal customers describe their experience with your product or service.

Video Ads

Video ads are currently the most effective online ad medium.  72% of ad agencies say that online video ads are more effective than TV advertising.

Read more on the importance of video for your business here.



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