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What Facebook Ads Can Do For Your Campaigns?

What Facebook Ads Can Do For Your Campaigns?

Facebook Ads Manager is truly a game-changer in the world of business advertising!

Whether you have a brick-and-mortar store or are in Shopify, you can actually position your brand to your primary and expanded target customers through Facebook Ads for greater sales.


To get started you need to set up the following:

1. Facebook Business Manager
2. Advertisement Goals and KPIs
3. Conversion Tracking Tool (e.g. Facebook Pixel)
4. Ad Creatives (Images, Videos, Ad Copies, etc)

Now, let’s briefly discuss some principles on how you can run your ads on Facebook by learning about Facebook  Marketing Objectives, Ad-Sets, and Ads.


A Facebook Campaign is based on your marketing objective/s. Depending on your advertising goals, the list below will guide you on which particular objective is best for your campaign.


Facebook Ads


Brand awareness  – Introduce your business, brand, and/or service to your target audience.

Reach – Show your ad to as many people in your target audience as possible.


Traffic – Generate traffic to your website, blog, an app from Facebook.

Engagement –  Encourage likes, comments, shares, and/or claims of special offer among your target audience.

App installs – Lead your target audience to install your app.

Video views – Sharing your videos to your Facebook target audience who will most likely view it. 

Lead generation – Generate new prospects through sales ad funnel.

Messages – Encouraging contact and connection through Messenger, IG Direct, and WhatsApp.  



Conversions – Encouraging response to call-to-action from your website, app, or Messenger to make a purchase, download app, or register to your website. 

Catalog sales – Show your eCommerce store catalog to increase sales. 

Store visits – Drive the nearest target audience to your physical store locations Promote your brick-and-mortar business locations to people that are nearby.



An Ad-set may contain one or more ads that define your ad budget, auto or manual bidding, target audience, and placement (e.g. show your ad in Facebook Newsfeed, IG stories, etc).



Considering your campaign duration, you may set your ad budget on a daily basis. Otherwise, you may set your ad to a lifetime budget. From the BEST’s observation, ads on lifetime budget optimize campaigns better.

If you choose to bid, you can set a CPA target to let Facebook get the most conversions for your campaign target based on your budget.



During your campaign goal setting, you must have identified your target audience. This information will help you identify the type of audiences you would want to set in your FB Ads. Meanwhile, if you have been running campaigns through other paid advertisements or organic channels, you may want to check your performing ads according to the audience it converted. You can also refer to this record when setting your target audience in FB Ads. 

Facebook Marketing Services

Type of Audiences:

Core Audience –  Audience based on demographics like location, gender, age, behaviors, interests, job,  and etc.

Custom Audience – Audience based on your leads like customer email lists and website visitors.

Lookalike Audience – Audience based on new target customers with similar behaviors with your successfully converted customers.



An Ad is your copy and ad creative. To test different objectives, you can multiple campaigns to see which one yields the best result with your target audience. While to test different audiences, you can have multiple ad-sets to see which message or offer receives the best response.

Among the widely used ads are Video, Carousel, and Leads.

Video Ads

Facebook Advertising Agency
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Carousel Ads

Facebook Ads
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Leads Ads

Facebook Ads
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