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Best Practices For Image Ads on Facebook

Best Practices For Image Ads on Facebook

Did you know that eMarketer forecasted that brands and companies would spend $32.6 billion on Image Ads in Facebook in 2020?

This billion-dollar investment only translates to countless ad images, reviews of Facebook ad guidelines, and ad testings.

So, in order not to put your Facebook ad investments to waste, we need to set objectives clearly and adopt best practices. 

What results do you want to achieve out of your Facebook ads?

Facebook has divided marketing objectives into three categories to guide you through:


AWARENESS OBJECTIVES are meant to trigger interest in your business and what you offer.

CONSIDERATION OBJECTIVES are meant to get people to seriously consider buying something from you.

CONVERSION OBJECTIVES are meant to get people who are interested in you to buy something.


Each of these marketing objectives corresponds to your particular business goal.

Marketing Objectives

How To Choose Your Objective?

Checking your growth cycle is the best way to gauge the right objective for your ad.

A new company would want to aim for increasing its reach and brand awareness to help their target audience know what they offer.

Remember that you can have more than one objective. For different goals, you are most likely to run various ads. Facebook allows you to create and run as many campaigns as you need.


How To Choose The Right Ad Format For Your Set Objective?


There are two factors you need to keep in mind when it comes to Facebook ad size:


AD FORMAT – How are you going to share your ad with your target audience? Is this a single image or in a video format? Is this in the carousel or canvas ad format?

AD PLACEMENT –  How to optimize the placement of your Facebook ads to boost conversions? This means you need to make your ads visible to multiple platforms like Facebook News Feed, Facebook Instant Articles, IG Feed, IG Stories, Sponsored Message, Messenger Home and etc. Your ad experience should be consistently the same across the board!

Facebook Ads is not just about images marketing your business. It requires thorough planning and executing to be sure you get the conversions you desire.

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