What is Responsive Design?

Basically, Responsive Design = Best Mobile Browsing Experience!

Responsive Design is the Best Format to have your website developed in because the website will Adapt to Any Screen Size, from Desktops to All Mobile Devices! This means that all your visitors will have the Best Experience Browsing Your Website, regardless of if they are using their cell phone or desktop computer.


  • One Website for all Browsing Devices
  • Mobile Device Sales are Increasing
  • Currently 50% of Internet Traffic is From Mobile Devices Users
  • Shopping on Mobile Devices is Increasing Every Year
  • Increase Your Search Engine Rankings

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Responsive Design for New Websites

Responsive Design for your New Website will be the best choice you make! This will ensure your website visitors have the best possible browsing experience using your website, regardless of their browsing device, whether it’s a desktop computer or a smartphone!

The costs associated with Responsive Design are very efficient for new websites since the design and layout will be done only once, in Responsive Design format. Going forward, updating and editing are also very efficient.

Responsive Design for Existing Websites

Making your existing website into Responsive Design Format is very popular today among all serious website owners because they understand what a Big Improvement this is for their website visitors which in turn increases revenue.

To do this, we will be Designing the Cosmetic Infrastructure (HTML) of your website right from the beginning in order to make your website Responsive. This is still very efficient for you since all the designs are already completed and the content in place.

In addition, you can also decide to update your website design and layout at this time as well, since we are Designing from the scratch. Depending on your updates, this would only be a slight increase in the cost whereas updating your design and layout in the future would result in much greater costs.

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Click for the Business Review of The Best Media.com, a Web Design in Toronto ON
Click for the Business Review of The Best Media.com, a Web Design in Toronto ON