Internet Marketing and SEO has been providing successful Internet Marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services to clients worldwide since 2002. In order to connect your website with targeted visitors then you must use some form(s) of Internet Marketing and SEO.

To accomplish this objective for you, we use the following tactics:

1. Keyword Research – In order to attract the right visitor to your website, we first will perform a Keyword Research Report which will outline all the most relevant keywords people are using when searching on the internet. This should be the foundation of any good Internet Marketing or SEO plan.

2. Competitor Research – Here we use the most relevant keywords and actually perform a keyword search with each keyword and in doing so, analyze all the top competitors which are currently Ranking for those keywords. This will enable us to determine the intensity of the competition for your keywords and also provide insights into how we can best achieve 1st page Rankings with such keywords.

3. On-Site Analysis – Next we take your existing website and analyze all the technical details to ensure your website is Search Engine Friendly and your website HTML Code is 100% up to par with Industry Standards. Search engines prefer websites with proper HTML code.

4. On-Site Optimization – This is where we update your website so that it is optimized for each for your keywords. The updates involved could be numerous, depending on the intensity of your competition.

5. Off-Site Optimization – In order to Rank your website on the 1st page for your keyword searches, we will engage in Off-Site Optimization techniques which involves using other websites and linking them in a strategic manner to your website. Examples include Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Forums, and endless other websites which will help to increase your SER (Search Engine Ranking).

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Click for the Business Review of The Best, a Web Design in Toronto ON
Click for the Business Review of The Best, a Web Design in Toronto ON