About TheBestMedia.com

"Our Vision is to Continuously Learn New Web Technologies & Trends so that we can Deliver the Most Up To Date & Effective Web Solutions for Our Clients"

We are a unique team of internet professionals constantly striving to bring you the Best! TheBestMedia.com takes great pride in continuing to provide Complete Website Solutions to our clients, with all your needs taken care of under one roof!

Since we are always learning and improving our skills and techniques in order to stay on top of today's rapidly changing internet environment, we can Guarantee our clients only the Best Web Site Development Services delivered on time and on budget!

If you are looking for the Best, then you found it!

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Get to Know the Team

David M - Director of Operations

David oversees/manages the day-to-day activities of the organization, usually with a focus on the systems and procedures required to accomplish the company's mission and goals in the marketplace. David is ensuring our Long Term Sustainability and Competitiveness. David has over 20 years experience in successfully managing and directing various business. David's non-stop dedication to success has enabled TheBestMedia.com to reach new heights of success and will continue to do so under his direction for many years to come.

Kevin B - Graphic Designer

Kevin is a veteran of online media, having been in commercial web design over 20 years. Kevin is passionate about both the visual style of the sites he creates, and efficient & effective User Experience. Specializing in front-end development, Kevin is a forward-thinking designer who keeps on top of current trends not only in design but in the tech world in general. Kevin is also an expert in multimedia production, motion graphics and nonlinear video editing.

Vincent S - SEO Expert

Vincent is our expert in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and has been the Lead SEO Engineer for all our clients. Vincent precise attention to detail and hunger for success has enabled TheBestMedia.com to deliver highly successful and effective Search Engine Marketing Campaigns for many clients, small and large!

Joseph F - Project Manager

Joseph has been the face of TheBestMedia.com interacting with new and existing clients and managing all support issues regarding technical aspects of our services such as Emails, Hosting etc... Joseph received his Bachelor of Commerce Degree from Ryerson University in 2000 and ever since has been an important element in our continued growth and success at TheBestMedia.com.

Mark C - Marketing Manager

Mark has displayed an excellent array of skills regarding Marketing and has provided highly successful Marketing Plans with Evaluation to maximize the awareness of our clients Brands and Websites. Working closely with multiple members of our team at any given time, Mark has proven himself to be a great asset to both TheBestMedia.com and our clients!

Robert S - Senior Programmer / Developer

Robert has provided all of the technical infrastructure necessary for a Leading Edge Web Development company to succeed and continues to do so today! There is no technical issue that he cannot resolve and he makes everything possible. Regardless of the needs of our clients, Robert has proven himself to be a technical expert and there is no challenge to big!

Click for the Business Review of The Best Media.com, a Web Design in Toronto ON
Click for the Business Review of The Best Media.com, a Web Design in Toronto ON